Towers Wattson Wiesbaden

In photography, the point of view is a central component of image design. Is there a „correct“ point of view or perspective? The „Counter Worlds” series examines the subjectivity of perception. There are always image pairs. The first image is the individually intended - the second is the view in the opposite direction from the same point of view rotated by 180°. A random look complements the subjective view and enters a dialogue which will never be resolved.

Good Consulting work brings these different viewpoints and perspectives into play. It‘s about flexibility of the viewing direction to discover unfamiliar aspects and bring them in dialogue with what was set as „the only truth“ before. Three other large scale works - spread over four walls - interpret the theme of „Counter Worlds“ by the fundamental form and content issues in the visual arts. In this case, the shape of the built physical architectural space and the content, the intangible, intellectual work of Towers Watson.

Photographs of the architecture were abstracted in dynamic perspective distortions of grey shapes as a counterpoint to the copper-colored artistic alienated formulas and graphs. These are the result as well as the tool of daily consultancy. The light plays with the different surfaces. Depending on the angle the copper-colored surfaces shimmer brighter or darker than the mat gray. Playing with the shape and intangibility at the same time the art work provides the material basis for the interplay of form and content.

Samuelis Baumgarte Art Consulting, Bielefeld.